September, 2017: Presented a paper at the Audiences2030 Conference in Lisbon hosted by the Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research (ECREA´section on Audience and Reception Studies). Wow, Lisbon is spectactular!! Can´t wait to go back.

August, 2017: I took some time off from revising a paper for Journalism Studies to attend the AEJMC conference in Chicago, where I presented a poster on the idea of Deep Stories about journalism.

July-August, 2017: I´m excited to be back in the U.S. for July and August this year, teaching a bit and conducting research on Americans´relationship to news. For July I´ll be a visiting scholar at Brown University, conducting research and teaching in the IE-Brown Summer program.

May, 2017: I presented two papers at the International Communication Association Conference in San Diego. See descriptions below.

April 19, 2017: My article, ¨The Journalist and the Murderer Revisited: What Interviews with Journalism Subjects Reveal About a Modern Classic,¨ is out in the new print issue of Journalism (Vol 18, Issue 5, 2017, Sage Publications). It´s available (behind a paywall) here:

January 17, 2017: Just got the good news that I´ll be presenting a paper and speaking on a panel at the International Communication Association Conference in San Diego this May. The paper, ¨Tug-of-War or Collaboration? How Ordinary News Subjects Navigate Interviews with Journalists,¨ is about how people who are being interviewed by journalists jockey with them about what information should be included in the subsequent news story, and how it should be presented there. The second paper I´ll present, ¨Folk theories and the Black Box¨ is for a panel on new approaches to journalism audiences. I´ll be talking about three key differences in how news subjects and journalists think about news processes.

January 14, 2017: Today I submitted my manuscript to Columbia University Press, on track for publication later this year. More soon on the exact timeline.

September 2016: I made the news! In Spanish! One of the newspapers that covers the Segovia area, El Norte de Castilla y Leon did a story on a short film contest we organized as a welcome activity for our news bachelors in communication students. All the quotes are correct! Just like I typed them…

June 2016: I was the featured faculty member in the IE Meet the faculty series. You can read it here. The recorder didn´t work, but the writer mostly pieced together what I said, kinda sorta. According to my research on how people usually react when they see themselves written about by journalists, that´s probably what I would think even if the recorder did work!